I AM Carmen S Gonzalez MS.Ed

I AM Carmen S Gonzalez MS.Ed
Professional Educator, Writer, Entertainer

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Listening is such an important skill. Listening to the one that loves you the most is the most important skill because you never kmo what you are going to receive at the end of the day. Love and listening go hand and hand. Although we are born with two ears, we have the hardest time with these ears, because of the strength that they hold.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Winners are people who do some good works. Although we are not perfect, we are perfect in the eyes of some people. If it were not for the ones who love us, it would be so difficult to handle the pains of life. Life is the most beautiful feeling in the world. The say that love is in the beauty of the beholder, but love is in the eyes of the people who love and care for you inside and outside.
Everyone is a kid at heart. To me there are no losers. When we get together and love each other, we all win at the end of the day.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Respect is big issue

Where does respect come from?
If you are like most people, it comes from home. Respect is taught and fostered amongst the responsible people in your household. When respect is not taught in the household it turns into a complete disaster.
A small percentage of people in the world believe that they are not responsible for teaching respect anymore. The truth is that with the older generation getting older and older, we must take it upon ourselves to use this as the opportunity to teach respect.

The Right Way
There is a right way and a wrong way to teach respect. The right way is to teach it by modeling what respect looks like. When you see a younger person walking down the street and they are not being respectful., then it is your job to correct them. You may save them from a life of eternal lockdown or death.
To model respect, means to show them what it looks like and sounds like. This is just a basic principal of good teaching, but it is something that can be implemented universally. I will always remember when my mom and dad would teach me how to study as a child. Studying began at school, but my parents modeled it for me at home. I would sit at the kitchen table, and read with my parents. They read the newspaper and I had to read the school books. My mom was taking some classes and she made me study simultaneously. The most important part of the lesson was to show that studying was possible and how it was done.

The wrong way
Corporal punishment is never the answer. We can never assume that everyone understands everything. Not all children understand what respect is or how it is done. It truly takes a village to raise a child.

Ask for help
If you need assistance on how to teach this concept. Feel free to go to primeurbanway.webs.com. Go to the webstore and ask the professor. It is confidential.

Respect goes a long way. You can even save a life. Respect can save another child from spending 25 years to life in prison.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Beat the Germ

Germs are everywhere. They are inescapable. How do you ensure that you do not get sick this season. The weather is unpredicatable. it changes from hot to cold and warm to hot. With this comes harbor the germs and set them free. This is all in the cycle of life. How do you ensure that you do not get hit in the crossfire. This is what I do. This is my definate school essential. What do you use?

I am sitting here very thankful... because most people would have been in a worse situation. It's great to always have a back up plan... As cloudy as my mind feels (I do not know if I have an allergy or a cold), The pollen count feels high... I am still fighting it in my own way...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Ventures

So I started 2 new blogs

Check them out... guaranteed to help you feel just as pleased. I will keep this blog going, but I feel the need to multitask this holiday season. Oh no... trust me this is not temporary. This will continue for as long as possible...

Tell me what you think

Happy reading...

 Real Innovation...Doing more, and less talking... "Innovating American Culture"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hope is not Dead

     Hope is not dead. As long as we are fighting for what we believe in, it will always be around.
Those who stay quiet, are the first ones to get the worse results.
     Imagine life if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr or Malcolm X did not fight? Our lives in the United States would be in worse conditions than what they currently are.  A life without a fight is like a life without hope.
     Hope is when we remain optimistic about our future. Hope does not end with a major loss. It inspires us to excell in everything that we do. Hope is a best friend, because mentally, it helps us to not give up.
     Hope begins with a dream. Dreams give us direction. Without hope reaching our dreams will be like being lost in the wilderness without a compass.
     The next time you see that person that steals your hope, just walk the other way. The next time you hear a hope snatcher, ignore them and reflect on what you want. What are your dreams and wishes? Let these dreams and wishes drive your future, because hope begins with you.

 Hope starts with you and living the dream

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Problems with Stereotypes in the world

Stereotypes come from people's preconceptions of the world. It is so sad that people let these steretypes define who they are or what is the acceptable norm. Many people may feel that they do not have these preconceived stereotypes, but is this true?
The sad truth is that many people are offered jobs or rebuffed a position because of stereotypes. I can remember hearing about a couple looking for a job. They used two different names and used another location as their residence. The upsetting factor was when they both called for the same job using two different accents and two different hometowns, as well as two different names. The name that appeared more American in the suburban hometown, with the most American accent received the most praise. Job offers were given left and right.
What is in a sterotype? Where does it come from? Would you respect me more if my name was Amanda or Brittany? Would you love me more if my hair were a little more straighter? These are among some of the many concerns in this world that should be addressed. This is the reason why self-love is so important. Self-love, respect, and awareness can win over anything

Amazing Adventure during Latino History Month

Well I have learned that being Latina is contagious. PO Block is now learning Spansh thanks to yours truly... :-)

He is also an educator and he teaches them what I teach him.

Soon Globalthugz will be completely Latino, because Kelo will also be learning Spanish pretty soon... he just does not know it yet.

They have inspired me to do this video


This link is just one of many. Just because I speak Spanish it does not mean that I can not enjoy hip hop. It's crazy because I have learned so much about my self this month.  I do enjoy my Spanish music, but it is not wonder that latino and hip hop culture has become so similar. We have the same roots. This is why some rappers like Fat Joe will rap mostly in English. It does not mean that we do not comprehend Spanish. We relate in both languages. We love our culture, but I can guaranteed you that most of our friends may be 2nd generation and up Latino Americans or non Latinos, but this is just a matter of choice.

You can find GlobalThugz on the side of the blog. Until this date I am still convinced that Globalthugz has a major Latino influence.

Amazing reflections as a Latina are apparent in this book. It's amazing how a lot of other cultures have also benefitted from this book.

 This book is influenced from movements such as the great migration from Puerto Rico to the Americas... thanks to my dad. I'm glad that I put this out before he passed away.

  Innovating American Culture... well being Latina has a big part of this, but all culures have contributed.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Satisfaction and Work

What is the true meaning of satisfaction? Many people think that satisfaction comes from being rich and famous. Some people say it’s when you get a pay check.

Satisfaction can mean so many things. It has many synonyms such as gratification, approval, redress. These are all nouns. In these new times, gratification is the closest term that comes to mind for the job market. There are so many reasons why people are unemployed. For those that find it as more of a gift than a curse, I congratulate you.

The way the times are going. Gratification should be more than just money. Satisfaction should have a deeper meaning, because you only live once. Sure satisfaction is great when you get a couple of dollars in your account, but does this make you fully gratified and fulfilled as an individual.

Consider these questions on your quest for your new life:

What makes your satisfied?

-         In terms of your relationship

-         Your health

Do you know what you want?

-Want to work alone?- Why?

- With people?   Why?

How important is independence for you?

What makes you feel respected?

Once you consider these areas, then you should consider the next move; finding your new life. That job that finds you satisfaction is right in your corner.

Wire Hangers- What's the message

Every movie has a controlling idea. Do you think Joan Crawford went too far?

Mommie Dearest is not really that cruel. Many parents in the 80s were devasted over wire hangers because children were getting hurt with them . Some were even losing their sight. This is a lesson from many parents that I have questioned.

How do you feel about wire hangers?

Latino American, Taino, and Caribbean

The Taino Indians are a group of people who inhabited the Carribeans and Puerto Rico before the "founding" of the Americas. This indigenous group of people were said to be inexistent, but my belief is that the world is a mixture of different cultures. As I look at my baby pictures, I do not see one distinct group... Puerto Rican. I see a beautiful history. I can remember someone asking me, Professor what type of hair do you have... I said... according to hairsistas.ning.com, I believe that my hair is like 3B/3C... straight but curly... tight/curly hair, but kind of on the loose end. I am still learning about my hair type and how to care for it properly, but my hair has made so many strides.
Check out Hair Survival Guide 101 on the side of the blog to see what I mean.

My family may be a little upset about me putting these pics up... love you... :-) But just in case someone says, "what does a Taino Indian look like"... well I do not know anyone who says I am 100% taino, because like I said, we are a mixture of different cultures now, but I would guess if you know a Puerto Rican... then you have met someone who has Taino blood in them. As the video states, Taino Indians have traveled to many places.

 This is my Cousin... she has a twin... sorry no pic available yet... I'm comin for you too cousin... beware... :-)

 Yours truly

 Aunti and cousin

I encourage all to pic up a camera and start flicking away... My cousin thanks me because she is the one who usually takes the pictures... Now look. I am filling in. I even gave her pre-wedding pics and everything. My aunti comes like once a year from PR and I always have my camera ready.

Also for more information about Taino Indians and the history of Puerto Rico... check out this video

 Have you done your research lately? What do you know about your background?

Celia Cruz

I will always remember my dad's story of when he saw Celia Cruz live in concert in Puerto Rico. He told me that she was like the Michael Jackson of the 80s only it was long before this when he saw her live. My parents had all of her records. When she passed away, I felt like I lost my family. I did not realize how funny she was until I perused through some of her videos. I will never understand why she said Azucar (sugar) during every song, but I can assume that it is kind of like Karate. In Karate they yell out Kia!!! Ki is energy. I tried it and yes (Ki) really is energy. Azucar I guess is her Ki. Everyone has their thing. 2 pac... Feeel Me, Elvis ... uh huh huh, Biggie Smalls... uhh, Diddy... take that take that, Jada Kiss... uhh haaa  (cough), Celia Cruz... Azucar!!! Get the picture... Now I have to figure out what my thing will be. What is your favorite form of energy? Where do you find your inspiration?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life's lessons

When one door closes another one opens. So many people are left without a chance to show how great they are. Sometimes they give up in the middle of the process.  The way the universe is designed, without challenges how can we grow.
Prime Urban Books was designed to show hope to the world. The foundation of the organization is education. Imagine how life would be without an educated world.
Many years ago, there were groups of people who were not allowed to become educated. There world is now full of diverse groups of educated people. Prime Urban Books is an organization strives to being teachers back to work in a world where teachers have been laid off or fired for injustice. Prime Urban Books recognizes that there are many teachers out there who have shown evidence of greatness that is enduring across many communities.
Help Prime Urban Books keep hope alive by going to www.indiegogo.com/csgonzalez1 you may also go to the side of this blog and visit the direct link.

Thank you for your continued support.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

GlobalThugz is coming to Newark, NJ

Catch Island Def Jam/Drahma Music recording artist at GlobalThugz performing at Essex County College in Newark, NJ on 10/1/2011...

If you see Carmen S. Gonzalez, MS.Ed. do not be afraid to say hello. She may even feature you on her next blog or video.... you just never know...

See you tomorrow at Essex County College...

 Carmen S. Gonzalez, MS.Ed.... Not performing

This  is Globalthugz.... They are performing... Meet Kelo and PO Block

Friday, September 30, 2011

Effective Ways for Dealing with Emotional Abuse

Many people around the world have been dealing with emotional abuse. Some emotional abuse is worse than others, but no one has the right to be mistreated. There are 5 main things that you can do on your own, however when all else fails seek professional help.  Please be aware that when you seek professional help that this is not a sign of weakness. This is a sign that someone you know and care about may need some help. If you do not care about them then you are sparing the next person who may need help from another cycle of abuse.
Emotional abuse does not have to come from an older person. It can come from small children also. These children are often displayed as the bully and the victim. In other relationships between adults it can be displayed under the label of domestic violence or abuse.
No type of abuse is mandatory. You can always do something about. However, it is not alright to take the law into your own hands. Two wrongs do not make a right.

             1.   Keep a journal.
          2.Talk to a trusted friend/relative
             3.    Confront the situation with a calm demeanor.
             4.    Make sure that you are not over reacting
         5.    Respond with a lot of I responses to convey your message.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lessons from the Spanish America Revolution

         1. Those who choose to enjoy life without observing their surrounding will see the consequences.
        2.  Don’t expect to treat someone differently in a negative way and then ask for a favor.
         3.  Ignore me and you may need me later.
              4.    Don’t restrain me from my daily needs as a form of control.
           5.     If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Proud to be a Latina American
Do your homework and continue to learn. School doesn’t stop when you leave the building or upon graduation… it goes on forever.
Latino American History Month: 9/15- 10/15

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Lesson from Selena: A Latina Version of a Pop Queen

          This is a celebration of Selena’s life and her dedication to the music world. One cannot talk about novelty in society without speaking of Selena and her contributions to the world. Selena has inspired young girls around the globe through her music. She is one of the women who popularized what it meant to be a Latina woman, by earning the respect of the world.  She took the it’s my way or the highway approach, but in a respectable way.
          Her melodious voice captivated so many people.  Many American youths were into artist like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Vanilla Ice, during the 80s, but when Selena came around, so many young Latina women saw an additional icon, and her name was Selena.
          Selena was not born with a lot of things, but she gave novelty a new name. She sang in Spanish and English, and she opened up a clothing store.  Her name continues to live on as the legend that showed that it is cool to be Latina.
Here's to Innovating American Culture.... Here is an amazing Latina artist who will always be remembered for breaking down the barriers in the world.
To all of the Latinos/Latinas in the world: Happy Latino Heritage Month:
9-15-2011 to 10-15-2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Questions to Think about….

Have you ever asked yourself these questions….
   Who am I?
    Why am I here?
         What is my purpose in life?
    What is my true talent?
     How can I become a better me?
    What should I be doing with my life?
     What would make me happy?
    If I could start over what would it be?
        Is it me?
                      What if….?
The answers to these questions are to…
-          Relax and enjoy the ride.
-            You only live once.
-         Don’t let anyone steal your happiness.
-         Go for it!

These are words of inspiration for where ever you are in your journey through life.
Hope this helps.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Family Values

          Being a Puerto Rican in the Americas is a very enlightening experience.  It amazes me that people often are in shock when I tell them the history of Puerto Rico. I was raised in the United States. I was born in the United States; however, my roots are in Puerto Rico.
          As a Puerto Rican America, I have learned that our roots are everywhere. Puerto Rico is a mixture of different cultural backgrounds. We are united through our Spanish language; however there are so many Puerto Ricans in the United States.
          This year I reconnected with my family in Puerto Rico for the first time.  We found each other online.  It was the most exhilarating experience of my life. I have been trying to find my cousin Carmen Julia forever. Her mom Chris passed away years ago when she was a baby.  I promised my uncle Lando that I would find her. This is the only missing link.
          On the strength of family, I have learned that we can recognize family anywhere. I do not know what it is. It is the most miraculous experience ever. I believe that in time people will eventually reconnect with their family but it takes time.
          This Amazon of a life is a mystery, but the best part is that you can call your family find them on your Android or Touchpad and you can see the world with such clarity. Over time things will change, because the possibilities are Endless, even as we are in the process of Innovating American Culture and adding to the world.

Humanity and France

Thanks to the French contribution of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, no longer do we have to suffer as a human race.  At times people forget that they have so much to live for. We are important contributors to the survival of life.
Before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I could imagine how difficult life could have been.  Years later we have gained a lot much as a race of people. We learned that nothing in this world is more important than respect and love for our people and our neighbors.
Part of our human right is to have the opportunity to learn. This is why the book “How to Excel on an Exam: Writing a Thesis” was written. It is a reminder that there is more than one way to do something.
This world is like the Amazon. There are so many different ways to innovate the world. American Culture is not alone in this world. We must work together in the process of Innovating American Culture.  Just like the people of France contributed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as people we must all realize that the world is large but we can all work together. Like the Amazon, there are so many beautiful things out there to explore.

Oh Canada- My Visit

      It has been more than a decade since my trip to Canada. This was my first time out of the country.  I was in middle school at the time. I can remember feeling so welcomed by the people of Canada as we united through music.
     Thanks to my band director over a decade ago, I continue to use trips such as this as inspiration to want to do more. I am not sure if the purpose of this trip was to see our potential back then as global innovators, but I guess it worked.
     I can remember my band director assigning each of us a pen pal. We had to write to our pen pal every week. When we met our pen pal for the first time we were so happy. The people of Canada welcomed us with open arms.
     I do not know if I will ever visit Canada again, but I remember how beautiful it was. The environment was so clean. Since my visit to Canada years ago, I have learned that we need to appreciate our space.  Sometimes a little goes a long way.
     This is what the book Innovating American Culture is all about. So many people talk about innovation, but innovation comes from inspiration. Get inspired with the book Innovating American Culture.  You just never know what it may do to your spirit.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Classification and Fear

        Fear can impair so many things in life. Fear can inhibit your desire to excel in anything. People in the field of psychology have stated that fear comes from anxiety of the unknown.  
        Fear of life is dangerous. Fear of life is fear of survival. Our body responds on the principle of fight or flight responses. One incorrect response can change your life. “The Smart Guide to Overcoming Anxiety” is a book that teaches you how to deal with these responses in an appropriate way.
        Fear of acceptance has impaired the youth in so many ways. Fear of acceptance is so cruel because it impedes your progress. Fear of acceptance is the reason why so many young women are afraid to run the world with confidence.  Sometimes this fear comes from being judged because of the way you look. “Hair Survival Guide 101” is a book that counteracts fear of acceptance by allowing yourself to acquire new ways to feel confident about your hair.
        Fear of change is very lethal because we are in a society where change is inevitable.  Thinking outside the box is more than critical thinking. Fear of change is no longer an option in this world, because the concept of Social Darwinism is very real. “Innovating American Culture” advises the world on how to truly be innovative to avoid fear of change.
        Fear is dangerous, but it does not have to be. The books discussed can be viewed on the side of this blog. How do you manage your fears?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Classification and Socialization

        People around the globe form some type of classification system. Although it is not intentional, people do it all of the time. Today’s modern day classification system, consist of the go-getters, the facilitators, and natural born haters.
          The first classification system is a person who goes after what they want. Most people are quoted as saying they hustle by any means necessary. A go-getter is proactive and they know what they want. In other words they are determined to reach their goals and surpass them by any means necessary.
          The facilitators are the people like go-getters but they help the world to achieve their dreams. The facilitators seek after positions that are mostly in the helping field. Facilitators are also innate go-getters, in their own way, because their goal is to achieve success in helping someone.
          The natural born hater despises any and everything. They will talk negatively about everything. They refuse to acknowledge when someone is doing well. They would rather steal your happiness as opposed to congratulate you on a job well done.  A natural born hater is a person who snatches hopes and dreams.
          Society may impose that they are not natural born haters.  True go-getters and facilitators do this to change the world.  Where do you fall in this new classification system?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is beautiful...
        You cannot acknowledge being American without knowing why we are here. Our country was formed due to the desire for religious freedom.  We became our own country and we became a country that acknowledged differences. One of those differences was that everyone prayed to their own God.  We acknowledged and believed.  This was one of the strengths of our country. It is so sad had some people forget about this fundamental value of being an American.
        People were questioning our president because he was different.  We do not choose our names or our culture that we are born into. President Barack Obama is a president that acknowledges these differences and does not judge people because they are different.
        Without religious freedom we would not have a United States of America. We would still be held in a state of imperialism. We became strong because we had a vision. It is unfortunate that this beautiful concept of life is often forgotten.
        We must continue to reflect on this beautiful concept of freedom. Not all people are the same. There are nice people in every religious group. There are also people in this world who are not as pleasant. However, we are in a country where we must accept the differences that are part of making us one nation under God. This will make it indivisible with liberty so that all will have justice.  We should all respect each other for who they are as a person. A religious belief is a part of that freedom.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Your name is everything. Making sure that you highlight the best things about your name is the most important part of life. The image that you portray carries on throughout your life time.
Many parents like to do research on baby names before they name their child. It is unfortunate that a lot of lifestyles are affected by a name. Many people are often stigmatized for different reasons, especially after a world wide disaster.
Placing a stigma on someone because of their name can be changed, by the choices we make in the future. The United States is unique because it is a mixture of different culture. There are some Global figures who are often stigmatized for reasons that are beyond their control.
Barack Obama shows that your name is your name, but you give your name a purpose. You give your name the image that you want it to convey.

Yes my name is Carmen.... my name is Latin for song. My whole life feels like a musical. If I could, I would listen to music 24 hours a day. I was raised playing music and dancing. I was heavily engaged in music. I tried the chorus as a child, but I only sing when I feel silly. This is my coping mechanism for anything. 

What does your name mean? You can check 

Does you name reflect you as a person? Explain.

Why Innovation is important

Our culture depends on the  creativity. Of course there will be days when not everyone accepts everything. That is the beauty of USA, innovation is accepted and honored.
Imagine a world without theories and laws in math and science. If people like Galileo were not brave enough to challenge theories such as the world not being flat, then we would be afraid to go off to sea and explore.

Innovation came from exploration. Exploration has grown so much, because we have a new form of exploration that is called the internet. The internet makes it possible to not only attend school, but also see a world of opportunities. You can complete classes and courses online, because people took this risk.

Innovation may seem like trial and error in the beginning, however in this culture the world can now collaborate in many ways. Innovation is necessary to have because it helps us learn new ways to survive in a complicated society. Innovation helps to do things that are once impossible such as saving the world.

The next time that you think that you are not able to do something. Keep in mind that nothing is impossible...

This comes message is from someone 
who has not done a cartwheel in ages... How I spent my summer... innovating and creating hope.

4 Part Confidence Builder to Counteracting Negativity (AKA. Beating The Haters)

1.  Highlight something great about yourself upon waking up.
When life deals you the worse cards look in the mirror and find something nice to say about you, because there is someone beautiful in everyone.
    2.  Cut out the negativity that is channeled into your life.
Know that throughout life you are not going to have the world accept you. Do not let these negative things replace what your mission is.
3. Replace negative thoughts with your positive mission.
Everyone in this world is important. Play your part in this game of life. You are no different.
     4. Part of winning the battle of negativity is self- reflection. If you make a list of all of the great things that you have done, you will see how important your life is. When people disapprove you, then it is because people may see what they want in their own lives.

With all of the people have difficult relationships it is no wonder that the world is confused. Remember that the only person in this world that you have to please is yourself.

If you have a problem in the area of fear and building confidence to deal with the anxiety of life, there is always help available. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Amazonian America Land of the Free

If I had to rename America, it would be called Amazonian America. So much to see. So much to pick from.
The decisions that take place are almost impossible for some. Regardless of what goes on there is always a solution.  It's a place so unique that uniqueness becomes Global.

A world of respect where anything can be commemorated and respected.

So many alternatives , so many solutions.

So many communities become inspired

Thanks to Amazing Amazonian America... Everything is Global!

American Pride

Land of the free, home of the brave

A place where people often crave

Dreams will come true despite a recession

As long as we play our part in this session

America is full of many believers,

Many may feel that we are over achievers.

Home of the great,

Home of debates

I stand proud of being an American

Land of the slogan Yes I can.

Mindful Job Creation

    President Obama will be signing a bill today for job creation. Many people are skeptical of his job creation plan; because they say that it will not cause a creation of jobs.  Job creation will be possible with cooperation.
   It is reported that 9.1% of US citizens are unemployed.  This does not account for the many Americans who are not reported as being unemployed. The culture clash is not the government's fault. If people are refusing to hire to make a statement then of course job creation will be impossible.
   To create jobs, Americans need to be mindful that job creation starts by the individual. President Obama is one of the only presidents in the country that are proactively seeking an answer to beating all of the bullies that are leaving more than millions of Americans in poverty. The reason why so many American citizens are unemployed is because many people are receiving the backlash of this culture war.
   Why not tax the rich? Taxing the middle class and the poor will only leave in an even worse situation. With the cost of living always increasing, life is so hard that we may be in a state of cultural genocide.
   Many skeptics are blaming Obama for job losses that are a result of unfair labor practices. President Obama is fighting for the many Americans that are often under-represented.  Taxing the millionaires is not only fair, but it would not make sense to tax someone who is poor. What is taking away from someone who has nothing going to prove?
   In these times we have to stay connected with what is going on in the world.  Stay connected with the news on this site:
www.carmensgonzalezmsed.blogspot.com        Stay connected (Touchpads, Androids, by any means necessary. 

5 Be Job Hunt

     Be Creative

There is more than one way to get noticed.  Make a

 statement in a way that makes you remembered.

For Example-

Stay focused on different issues in your field...

    Be Assertive

Not everyone knows what you want from an 

employer. Not everyone knows what you are

looking for. Do not assume anything.

    Be Aggressive in your search

Do your homework. You should always be 

searching. Nothing comes to those who are not


 Be Cordial

Always remember to have manners. Manners and

 respect will take you a long way.

    Be Noticed

Do not expect people to know who you are. Get

 your name noticed. Make connections and make

 your name and your mission viral.

When in doubt always remember, devices like

 Androids, Kindles, and any other devices come in

 handy. Search and browse as often as possible.

 Stay tuned for more information. Click, Browse,

 and Learn on:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What's New Charlie

Dear Charlie,
    What's new! I noticed they dedicated a whole day to you on cable tv. The only question I have is, what's all the roasting about?  Yeah, everyone has a couple of issues every now and then. You should not let it get you down.
    Well you took a different approach. Laugh at me to the bank. Laugh at my happiness. Laugh at me, but at least I'm eatting. Like Kevin says, laugh at my pain.
What a unique approach so... That's why I decided to do this...
Tired and all, but still alive and kickin... Do the Android... because I bet you didn't think that I could do the Android.

Charlie, I totally get it. When one door closed we are in a culture where you can do anything. Android and all. So like Kev says you can laugh at my pain, but unless our culture dictates otherwise,
I'm going to keep doing what I do best.
Thanks to our culture we have this thing called freedom and pursuit of happiness. We have freedom of speech and everything. There are so many products out there that help us feel so complete... Androids and everything. Communication is a beauthiful thing, but if our ancestors did not do this, we would be in a box. So I really respect you Charlie. Roast on that!!! In the meantime, I will be doing the Android. Link up with you later.

Carmen S. Gonzalez, MS.Ed.
Doing the Android and Making it Global