I AM Carmen S Gonzalez MS.Ed

I AM Carmen S Gonzalez MS.Ed
Professional Educator, Writer, Entertainer

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Human Metamorphosis – How to Transform into a New You

“Supersede the old you with a new you at a gradual rate.  Learn to attract who you want to become in a positive light. By attracting who you want to become in baby steps, you will not deprive yourself of what you can have in the present.  Treat yourself to something special at your own time.  Everyone deserves a reward for superseding the old individual that they were for a better them comes with perks and prizes of total happiness.”
What will you do to supersede the old you?  In Human Metamorphosis Transforming into a New You, Learn how to become the ultimate symbolism for a human butterfly. Beauty is skin deep.
We all deserve to be rewarded. How far will you go to see a reward in your personal growth and development?  
Human  Metamorphosis Challenge- Begins 6-24-2018 12:00 AM ET to 7-30-2018 11:59 PM.
Winner will be announced on this blog.
After reading Human Metamorphosis – How to Transform into a New You,
Help me transform my life into a new me, by giving me a creative way to donate a box of clothes on a budget that have sentimental value.  Post to this blog post.  The grand prize winner will win two free signed copies of Human Metamorphosis From Totally Banged Out to Sacred Self Control and How to Earn an Amazing Life  in 30 Days or Less.  

Thank You.

This book by C. S. Gonzalez was written with a belief in success and personal development.  It can be found…

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Smart Guide to Overcoming Depression: Beating Quicksand

Depression is like quicksand. It is something that drags your soul into a pit. In this book you will learn how to overcome depression. Before someone tells you that you will never do anything with your life and label you with depression, be your own captain of your ship with these simple strategies. Sink no more into quicksand. Are you ready to earn a great life free from being labeled with depression? What are you waiting for? Let's Go!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Miss Carmen's Mind Mechanics

A mind is like an engine.  The only difference is you are your own engineer.  What you put into it is what is projected.

If one relaxes their entire life then what room is there for growth.  So Miss Carmen's Mind Mechanics was written to show versatility and how neuroplasticity of the brain shows progress.  Learn with this teaching tool which can also be read for pleasure.  This fun book is great for all ages.

Written by Carmen S. Gonzalez, MS.Ed.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Moving On

Move on in your relationship with your current loved one.  When one door closes a large window of opportunities will open up.  However, supposed the situation is long distance and no disrespect ever occurred?  Do not ever throw something this valuable away.
Moving on into a positive aspect that goes far beyond happily ever after is possible. Learn an innocent way to saving something beautiful and move into a positive life with your loved one.  There are two basic types of relationships: The stagnant relationship and the Go-getters in the world of long distance relationship.  Learn how to make the best decision with this book that covers creative ways on how to save your relationship with your loved on that may be long distance relationship.

   If you think you are not trying hard enough to save what you have going on, then you are probably correct.  If your at home relationship has gone sour then use common sense.

  In the case of this innocent selection, check out how the long distance relationship guide can save something before it hits rock bottom without being overwhelming.
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Monday, November 13, 2017

Regain Your Love Life Once More

Are you making mistakes that could be avoided?  Is your love life going no where?

Fortunately there is a solution.  Learn an Innocent method to restoring your love. This book comes in a Kindle and paper back copy.

Do you believe that a higher power can restore and help you?  Avoid the pitfall of feeling helpless, by making it work once again.  If you are in a situation where you are feeling drained then something needs to change.  By reading this book you will learn positive affirmations, prayers, and stories from real individuals that finally won a happily ever after ending.  This book is written in English and the Romance language-Spanish.

Do not hurt anymore.  Read this story and become inspired to make your love life ignite once more.


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Friday, November 10, 2017

Miss Carmen's Mind Mechanics

Miss Carmen's Mind Mechanics is a book that was originally developed for children with special needs.  Most issues can be resolved with this book. Reduce boredom with these new ideas.
Infants and Toddlers like it because they can relate to these topics.  To learn more.  Click on the link and please support.  Become a better parent/educator and save your child with these techniques.  These strategies have been tried and tested by professionals on the job.  A great source for anyone that is looking for a little creativity.  It is modified and accommodated for any ability group.  It is also written in English and Spanish.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Innocence Lost

The story of Innocence Lost is an inspirational story about not giving up.  Although things in life my change, never forget about how it all started.  Do not give up on love, no matter what.  Innocent and Dante are two characters in the story. See how their relationship grows over time. 

What would you do if you lost someone special, and almost lost another one shortly after due to an accident?

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